Healing Horses
Healing Horses



My name is Jan. I have been passionate about, inspired by and involved with, horses and dogs for over forty years. They continue to be my greatest teachers

  • If you want to become a horse healer, you can. The gift is in you, all you have to do is access it
  • If you need healing for your horse, contact me
  • If you feel your life path has gone adrift, I can be your guide on many levels
  • Horses have bought you to this page for a reason. Ask your higher self what that reason might be. The horses are in need of someone like you

Reiki for Horses ~ The Handbook Guide to Healing Horses

Launched on Amazon Kindle on 4th July 2013. The book features my own story of how I came to be healing horses and how I overcame obstacles along the way.

There are lots of stories and case histories as well as a step by step guide to the entire healing process. The book also covers how to manage clients, often the most difficult aspect of healing sessions. Qualified in Temperament Theory, NLP, CBT the book gives great advice on how to deal with challenging people and situations.

The book has been born from my heart from my commitment to the horses

Available in 19 countries.

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for details of
Reiki for Horses
Distance Learnin
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for details of
Reiki for Horses
Distance Learning
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Purchase inspirational Spirit of the Horse meditations on MP3 for only £1.95.
Immediate download
Part 1 - beginning the journey to Spirit of the horse ~ £1.95
Part 2 - prgressing on the journey with Great Spirit the horse ~ £1.95

The Spirit of the horse meditations were given to me in 2003, following the tragic death of my 5 year old pony. My spirit guides explained to me that these meditations would help me to get closer to the spirit realm, enabling me to connect to horses on a deeper level. It has certainly proved the case.

Now you can experience the professionally recorded meditations for yourself in MP3 format.

Service that Jan can provide: -

Hands on healing/communication sessions for horses
Healing for all companion animals Details
Reiki 1, 2 & Master one to one training
by arrangement
Accredited Reiki for Horses ~ distance learning option
Training in animal/horse healing & other subjects

Contact jan@healinghorses.co.uk
Tel: 0800 634 3320

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